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Mr Epaminondas Gaveras is Dipl.-Ing., graduated from the University of Stuttgart, Germany.

After an initial working experience as site engineer by a contractor active in Berlin area has returned to Greece and founded a engineering and trading company. Further, he co-founded a company to develop and construct Renewable Energy Projects. The success of this activity led to a partnership with EDF Energie Nouvelle. The outcome of this partnership was the construction of about 100 MW of Wind Parks and Photovoltaic Plants and the development of about 700 MW in the pipeline. In parallel, in 2007 founded with Ms Antonia Alexandrou the company PCO-CONVIN SA.

After 14 years in the renewable energy field, in 2013 has decided to devote himself fully to the development and growth of PCO-CONVIN, from the position of Vice President, looking ahead to the international market and being responsible for technology and economics.


ISO 9001:2015 certified company